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Make mo' M$ney with a trained voice! See that figure above leaping with joy? They got over their "wait problem" + took action.

Why improve your Voice/Presentation Skills?

Two seconds. That's all you have to make a good vocal impression. 70% of small to medium size businesses say that ineffective communication is their primary problem. Training in communication is fundamental to success, yet many times overlooked. Ineffective speech/voice/presentation skills may show up as a loss of sales despite excellent sales scripts, corporate trainers not engaging employees, presentations that don't impress the Board or investors, ruptured relationships.

Your Voice Sells! Do you have vocal and physical habits that are compromising your credibility and costing you clients? Do you feel that people do not take you seriously? If your voice is not working for you, get help now. My clients experience more confidence using their voice, an improvement in tone, more vocal stamina, more freedom in personal expression. Clients have reported an increase in sales of as much as 60%, a difference after the first coaching session, and improved relationships with their clients, vendors, patients and employees. Improve the bottom line of your company through vocal training.

Why Dr. Miluna?

Dr. Miluna brings experience + a different perspective to her work. She has extensive training + experience as a Performer and Vocal coach, training in care of the Professional Voice, training in the Brain + the Arts, a B.S. in Music Business, is an Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner, has a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology, and is a partner in a Los Angeles record company.

Who are my Clients?

Professional Speakers, Spoken Word Artists, Salespeople, Trainers, Lawyers, CEOs, Ministers, Politicians and those who depend heavily on their voice in their career. Learn the voice secrets of the rich and famous.  Based upon Strengths Finder 2.0, I am highest in the themes of futuristic, relator, and significance. What does that mean for you?  I can see a vision of what your voice can become and how it will benefit your business and career. In the DISC assessment, I score a very high D for Decisive, which means I am deeply invested in helping you get results (and no, I don't make speakers sing!)

What is the Voice Healer Studio Like?

I have created an environment with no distractions to allow you to focus on the work. The Studio is beautiful, un-scary, artistic, and clean with a private restroom. Dedicated only to the Voice.  I am interested in you and it's your time.

If you have enthusiasm for growth and change, and seek a results-oriented Vocal Studio, contact me today.

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